8 Simple Tips for Freelancers to Focus

One of the challenges of working for yourself as a freelancer is to stay on your job focused. Chances are you're working from home with all the distractions it brings if you're a freelancer. Here are a few tips to make sure you keep focused on getting the most out of your work.

1. Keep Business Hours Fixed

What you don't want to do is work on a project in a single day for too long. The best thing to do is to stick to a set amount of time, which is not different from a 9-5 job but a pace you set. The best thing is that what those hours are, you decide. This will encourage you to concentrate on your work because you know exactly when and under your own terms you need to do it.

Take a few hours off during an afternoon, for example, and do the work later in the week or start early work and finish early. The idea is you need to take enough time away from work to enjoy yourself.

2. Create your own Work Space

It's all about evading distractions, for this you need to create your own workspace. Try to work in your living area's dedicated zone where you can focus without distractions. If that is not possible, consider otherwise renting a desk or a co-working space.

If you do not have enough space or money to build your own workspace then turn your attention to your PC. Create a separate user account that can only be used for work purposes. Cut off access to anything you don't need to do your work.

3. Remove Distractions

If you can not build your own physical workspace for yourself, you must eliminate any surrounding distractions. A working TV may lift the feeling of being alone but it is a great distraction. Your pets may be being all cute and Instagram-worthy, but you must resist the urge to take a picture for today's social media post. Plus, yeah, try to avoid social media or any notifications you might get; try using the "Do Not Disturb" mode of your phone.

4. Work on your own Personal Project(s)

Working on your own project is a great way to get away from the world of customer demands, which is sometimes frustrating. Creative freedom is something, everyone loves, so you can keep your work varied by creating your own projects for you to design, develop and maintain.

Personal projects also allow you to do something slightly different so that you can learn new things and pick up new techniques that you can carry on with your daily work.

5. Reduce Interruptions

If you were to ask freelancers what is one of their main annoyances when trying to focus on work, interruptions would be high on the list. Interruptions will cause you to lose focus on a project as it can take you out of the moment of designing or developing.

In dealing with interruptions themselves, the only way to get around this is to be vigilant. You don't have to respond immediately to every phone call or email. You can always return the calls later. 

In reality, it may be better to make calls or reply to emails in a single batch instead of multiple times a day to prevent the feeling of stopping/starting all over again.

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6. Take Breaks

A big advantage of working for yourself is that when you want you can take breaks and go off & do whatever you want. Whenever any of your work gets to you or causes you to lose focus in any way, take ten minutes to go out and do something to get your mind off the job.

There is a great way to manage that time, by the way, it's the 10-minute rule. You can read more about that here.

If you need to take longer then make sure it doesn’t keep you from getting your work done.

Go for a walk, play a video game, rest, or whatever you can do to get back to your work more focused may be exactly what you need to do over and over again. Ultimately, if you have to do it daily or two or three times a day, do anything that works for you.

7. Pace Yourself

You need to pace your work throughout the day after taking breaks so that you don't get bogged down on one task. Try splitting up your day as much as you need. Maintaining focus may require you to work on a few projects a day to mix things together and keep things interesting. If you are unable to do that by only working on one project at a time try switching between different tasks on the same project.

Often, it comes down to what works best for you, so make sure that you find a lot of different ways to handle your working day. See it as a simple A / B check. Find a few different methods and then continue with the one that will give you the best performance.

8. Motivation

As you know, not all projects are going to be dream jobs, in fact, most of them are not going to be near that anywhere. You're going to have to find other ways to motivate yourself when dealing with such things as compensation or even just trying to keep enhancing your job whatever the project is.

Whatever it is that keeps you motivated on a project, make sure you keep it in mind as it will motivate you to keep focused on your work.

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