Serhat Marasligil

Serhat is a partner and Head of Growth at Rimuut, the world's first service provider of virtual companies, helping freelancers and digital nomads become micro-companies globally.

With 15 years of experience in marketing and digital transformation, he had helped over 50 companies worldwide with their marketing and growth as a consultant & brand ambassador, such as Zendesk and as a Mentor in ITU Cekirdek, he is helping both the startups and the ecosystem in Turkey to nourish and expand the region's sphere of influence in the tech industry. In addition, acting as the tech advisor for several MPs in Turkey, he is helping the political actors to stay on top of tech advancements & current conjuncture. 

A Nomad at heart and a freelancer by trade, Serhat advocates the age of the remote workforce both in professional and political circles.