6 perfect gifts for freelancers and digital nomads

6 perfect gifts for freelancers and digital nomads

The Holidays are upon us, the lights are up and the rush for the perfect gift is still hanging up on everyone’s head like the sword of Damocles. You might be still searching for the perfect gift, and the receiver of this gift maybe a freelancer. If that’s the case, you are in for a challenge: A person with an unconventional way of working might be a big challenge, to get a gift that would be appreciated and making sure that it would be used. Lucky for you, we have listed 6 perfect gifts for freelancers, digital nomads, remote workers or home office workers. Take a quick look to get an idea on what you can get for a freelancer as a holiday gift:

  1. Anti-theft Backpack
  2. Wireless Charger
  3. EDC Wallet
  4. TravelCoffee Mug
  5. Rimuut Referral
  6. Noise-Canceling Headset

1 - Anti Theft Backpack

Freelancing goes hand-in-hand with carrying a laptop wherever you go. Be it for developers or designers, freelance writers or digital marketing professionals they need a good way to carry their money-making and probably expensive laptops.

Since these equipment are essential and freelancers, digital nomads, and remote workers usually commute locally or travel abroad, it’s a good investment and a perfect gift for such a person to get.

Anti-Theft backpacks come with different price tags and styles but they have several things in common:

  • Hidden zippers or clippers for zippers
  • Secret Pockets for essential documents and cash
  • A detachable strap to chain the backpack into a table leg or in your seat
  • Metal mesh lines in straps to prevent slash & grab

Plus, these backpacks are also designed to give comfort and look awesome. It would be a perfect holiday gift for a traveling digital nomad or a freelancer who commutes around the city.

2 - Wireless Charger

The wireless tech has gotten quite a long way and we are thankful for it. Thinking that you have a laptop charger, a mouse, a headphone, your phone charger plus an apparatus or two would’ve made it a nightmare to work in a small table of a coffee house.

Luckily, many of the peripherals are now wireless BUT that still doesn’t change the fact that laptops and phones still need a wire. Well, not anymore, at least for phones.

Getting a freelancer who will be getting out of power quite frequently a wireless charger might be appreciated greatly since a one-square-meter workspace with only one outlet can be a problematic equation for a freelancer trying to work.

Wireless chargers let freelancers and digital nomads just put their phones on it and without the need for a cable, it will start charging.

The prices vary depending on the power but it can be a cost-effective & perfect gift for a freelancer you know to drain juice like a first-grader.

3 - EDC Wallet

EDC (Everyday Carry Wallets) is a new take on the decades-long design of the men’s wallet. As our demands in fashion changes, usage of cards going up and the need for cash slowly declining, the wallets evolved into slick cardholders with less cash holding capacity and more utilitarian without compromising in the style department.

Freelancers are usually in a more frequent and agile daily tempo. Taking into consideration that a freelancer would obviously love a wallet that is RFID-blocking, handsome AND not bulky makes the EDC wallets a prime candidate for a gift for freelancers.

Prices might seem steep, but there are some nice EDC wallets with additional functions like switch-blade like mechanisms, leather covers, and bottle openers.

4 - Travel Coffee Mug

Who doesn’t love coffee? I know, some won’t. But most of the freelancers’ body is 30% espresso and cortados.

And since freelancing life can be a tough one, you need to cut some corners to make due in some months. Having a coffee mug might help with just that since your freelancer friend would be able to brew his own fuel at home and go out to work in the open without the need to buy one!

Whether it’s customized or a straight-forward design, you can’t go wrong while picking a travel coffee mug. Just make sure that it can hold enough coffee for your freelancer friend for a day.

5 - Rimuut Referral

For a freelancer, one of the life-saving gifts that you can give is the ability to issue invoices without owning a company.

Rimuut is an EU-based Virtual Company service provider for freelancers who want to invoice their customers and collect payments, without starting a business. Basically, Rimuut act as YOUR company, YOUR financial and commercial representative, and YOUR best friend, forever.?

This holiday, give your freelancer the perfect gift of Rimuut! Sign up and invite them to Rimuut so they can start issuing VAT invoices without a company AND receive €25 in their first payment!

Sounds awesome, right? They won’t forget this gift for their lifetime: And you’ll be sure to be remembered fondly.

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6 - Noise-Canceling Headset

Whether they are using Pomodoro timers or following a tough regiment of time management, freelancers need to get things done, and they need to focus for that. As we’ve written in our blog post about focus, one of the main things a freelancer faces is the distractions. These distractions usually come in the shape of noise and chattering and we all know the solution for that one:


Playing something hard or upbeat, or just listening to ChilledCow’s awesome stream, freelancers go to their happy workplace after putting a headset on. And with the technology of noise-canceling on the rise, it’s a good bet your freelancer friend might be looking to buy one.

Noise-canceling helps with stopping outside sounds by several different methods, but the most common one is the reverse-wave generation which instantaneously cancels out noises by generating an opposing wave, thus canceling out the outside world.

This one is a hefty gift to get in terms of prices, but it’s nevertheless a great investment and a perfect gift for a freelancer who works in public places.

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