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Rimuut’s exclusive solutions make freelance work more practical, secure, and advantegous. Now freelancers are stronger and companies more at ease

  • Faturalandırma

    Invoicing Service


    Invoicing Service

    Rimuut Invoicing Service makes invoicing hassle-free for freelancers and freelance work secure and convenient for companies

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  • Online Ödeme

    Online Payment


    Online Payment

    Rimuut Online Payment Service ensures that freelancers get paid by local and international customers safely and practically. Through our escrow system, your payments are secure whether your customer chooses to pay by credit card or by bank transfer.

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  • Sözleşme

    Contracting Service


    Contracting Service

    Our Contracting Service enables freelancers and companies to prepare project agreements in the most practical way. Both freelancers’ and companies’ rights are now protected.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Invoicing Service include Online Payment?

Yes. Online Payment process and commission rates are included in the Invoicing Service.

Could my customer make a payment outside Rimuut?

No. In order for both you and your customer to use Rimuut Invoicing Service, the payment has to be processed by Rimuut.

Are there any minimum and maximum limits for transactions?

Minimum transaction amount is 100 EUR. There is no maximum limit.

I've started a transaction. Does my customer/freelancer need to register?

Yes. Due to regulations, each party involved in commercial transactions is required to register.

How long does it take a freelancer to receive his payment?

When the customer makes payment, the freelancer receives his net payment in 1 business day.

Payment Partners

How does it work?

Freelancers can now easily invoice their customers through Rimuut.

After signing up, the freelancer fills in the required information to create an invoice request. The request, including a payment link, is emailed to the customer. The customer accepts the request and chooses among different payment methods. Upon payment receipt, the customer receives the commercial invoice and the freelancer receives the net payment.

  • Registration
  • Invoice Request
  • Payment
  • Commercial Invoice

For Freelancers

Independent professionals who are not incorporated

Coworking spaces & Platforms

Temporary project groups, P2P platforms, small and medium-sized markeplaces

For Companies

Corporate firms, SME's, startups and and agencies that aim to ease their organizational burden with flexible workforce.

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