Freelancers operate just like a company with

Invoicing and payment solutions for freelance work model. Secure, practical and cost-effective.

Some of the companies that trust Rimuut and independent professionals who work with Rimuut.


Invoice your customer and get paid in whichever way you want.
Just like a company.

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Online Ödeme

Online Payment

Get paid by your local and international customers by credit card or bank transfer.
Secured by escrow system.

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Create project agreements with Rimuut's Contracting Service to work securely with your clients.

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Hassle-free invoicing solution at low commission rates

Secure Payment

Credit card, Bank transfer and Other payment methods

Escrow Payment

Secure your work & payment with escrow payment

Cost Advantage

Save up to 40% in freelancer payouts

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Easy. Secure. Advantageous.

Companies and flexible workforce are working practically and securely with unique Rimuut solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Rimuut?

Rimuut is a platform offering invoicing, payment and contracting solutions for flexible work model. Learn more.

Who is Rimuut designed for?

Rimuut is designed and developed for freelancers and companies that are work with flexible workforce frequently.

Will Rimuut help me find a new job?

Soon. Rimuut is working hard to develop a service that will bring you new freelance jobs. Stay with us!

Is it free to use Rimuut?

Registration is free. We apply commission rates on the invoicing transactions. Learn more about pricing.

What are the advantages of Premium membership?

Premium members enjoy lower commission rates while using the Invoicing Service, have access to the Contracting Service, and receive their payments in their e-wallet accounts instead of their bank accounts. Premium members are also offered Rimuut Prepaid Cards that they can use at ATMs and while shopping. Learn more.

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Step Into Independent Professionalism

  • Invoice Easily

    Rimuut simplifies freelance work model. Save costs on your commercial transactions while working with freelancers.

  • Work Safely

    Rimuut makes sure you are safe. Escrow system secures your payment, Contracting Service helps you protect your rights.

  • Cost-Saving

    Ease your organizational burden with flexible workforce. Let Rimuut save you money on your invoicing needs.

Rimuut for Companies

Rimuut offers unique solutions to companies that already use or are intending to use flexible workforce. You can now work with freelancers securely and practically without any invoicing problems. Plus, you can enjoy cost advantages.

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Hundreds of companies work with Rimuut everyday.