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Rimuut’s exclusive solutions make freelance work more practical, secure, and advantegous. Now freelancers are stronger and companies more at ease

Invoicing & Payment

Invoice your clients and secure your payments through Rimuut. Enjoy cost savings on your commercial transactions.

Invoicing is a huge pain for freelancers. Thanks to Rimuut, I don't need to worry anymore. I can now easily invoice my corporate clients through Rimuut and save money.

Can Köroğlu

Standard Membership

(Free) %16

Commission Applies

  • Invoicing Service
  • Secure Payment

Premium Membership

(199.90 TL / annual) %12

Commission Applies

  • Invoicing Service
  • Secure Payment
  • E-wallet Account
  • Rimuut Prepaid Card
  • Contracting Service

Currently available only in Turkey

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Premium Membership


₺199.90 (12 months)

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  Invoice with %12 commission rate
  Get paid without a bank account using Papara E-Wallet
  Free Delivery of Rimuut Prepaid Card
  Access to Contracting Service

Currently available only in Turkey

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Rimuut?

Rimuut is a platform that enables freelancers to invoice corporate clients practically and get paid securely.

Who is Rimuut designed for?

Rimuut is designed and developed for freelancers and companies that are work with flexible workforce frequently.

How do I benefit from using Rimuut?

Rimuut simplifies invoicing and payment processes and enables payment by credit card. You can now invoice corporate clients and receive payments with only 12% commission. How does it work?

Do I need to be incorporated to use Rimuut?

No. On the contrary, we designed Rimuut to equip incorporated freelancers so that they can easily work with corporate clients.

Could I find new customers through Rimuut?

Not yet. Rimuut currently focuses on solving freelancers’ commercial and managerial problems. We are also working on developing a service that will bring you new freelance job opportunities. Sign up now to become visible to companies soon.

Join Rimuut. Operate like a company.

Using Rimuut Invoicing and Online Payment Service will save you %40 on your commission costs.