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My corporate client required a VAT invoice and Rimuut’s awesome experience, simple interface, and of course, the prompt payout made it so easy. Definitely will be using it again.
Maziyar Mazaheri
Independent Design Professional
Using the services of Rimuut I am always happy and feel secure that the transactions between me and my clients will run smoothly and efficiently. 101% I recommend the services of Rimuut.
UX/UI Designer

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How does the system work?

As a Rimuut user you become a ""subcontractor"", in which case Rimuut is your ""digital service reseller"" and your client ""buyer"". Rimuut invoices the buyer, collects payment and transfers subcontractor's earnings in less than 24 hours."

Do I need to be incorporated in order to use Rimuut's invoicing service?

No. On the contrary, Rimuut is built for unincorporated freelancers to save them from the financial and mental burden of incorporation.

What are the limitations?

Rimuut is not available for sale of physical goods (e.g. eCommerce, dropshipping) and services that require physical presence by nature to execute the service (e.g. driving)

What are the advantages of Rimuut vs incorporation?

Incorporation comes with financial burden and red tape, which is why it never was a freelancer's first choice. Freelancing’s volatile nature unfortunately does not play well with these types of structures. Using Rimuut helps freelancers avoid all the fixed and variable costs of incorporation, rules out bureaucracy and saves time.
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